Get personal with your customers through Account-Based Marketing

Automate your ABM strategy with ScaleboX full-funnel automation to scale your b2b sales

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Modern marketing is all about building connections

Today, customers loathe nosy advertisements thrown at them completely randomly.

And smart brand owners know that and know a way around too.

ABM Marketing!

It is a clever way of personalizing your promotional messages, advertisements, and marketing strategy.

You look into your ideal customers’ profiles, find out their needs and interests, tailor your message to them accordingly, and deliver it precisely to the right decision-maker through the preferred channel.

The results?

Reports show that companies running a solid ABM program gain 73% of their total revenue solely through it.

ABM automation provides personalised communication with decision makers at scale.

That’s massive, right?

But implementing an effective ABM strategy is far from easy.

An ABM program capable enough to achieve goals needs to


Source customer profiles and relevant data from multiple platforms and data channels


Provide the right content to the right customer at the right time to gain maximum leads


Work hand-in-hand with your CRM to manage leads and update their digital profiles


Optimize your emails, ads, websites, and other forms of content for your buying personas' interests, and perception patterns.


Analyze and improve your strategy using predictive analytics and forecasting to be able to adjust promptly


Frequently interact with customers through various media channels to stay on top of their minds.

And attempting to do all that manually could take days!


But how about an ABM automation platform that could do all that and more in minutes?

Automate your ABM program with ScaleboX full-funnel automation


Make room for growth

With AI taking care of most of your ABM plan, your sales team can focus on scaling your acquisition strategy.


Shorten your sales cycle

Narrow down your search for target accounts with more accurate research and close deals swiftly.


Build stronger relationships

With automated emails and personalized ads, it's easier to turn customers into brand advocates.


Save money

ScaleboX automation and ABM strategy is cheaper than running paid ads and marketing through conventional methods.

ScaleboX help you set up your ABM campaigns in 6 easy steps


1. Create your ideal customer’s profile

Enter their demographics, age, job titles, etc if you are targeting individuals. If you run a B2B, consider a whole organization as a Target Account.


2. Set up target accounts

Once you create an ICP, setting up target accounts is easy with the HubSpot CRM platform. You can also categorize your accounts in tiers according to their priority.


3. Integrate your ScaleboX package tools

Integrate all of the automation tools together to have your ICP results, target accounts data, and CRM in one place.


4. Define goals for the ABM campaign

Do you wish to find more leads, nurture existing ones, or drive sales? Set realistic goals for your campaign and tailor content accordingly.


5. Run the campaign

Finally, run your campaign. Send out personalized emails, post targeted LinkedIn ads, and put optimized blog content to bring them from the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel.


6. Set up a tracking dashboard

Asses, record, and improve your efforts with measurable metrics such as lead scoring, number of identified decision-makers, sales forecasts, and more.

The stakes are high when it comes to finding the right people you could trust with your brand’s operation in a new market.

Let ScaleboX run your ABM program and let your business soar through


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