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Cold calls and spammy emails are no longer attractive, inbound marketing is the new way to grow your business

74% of businesses worldwide refer to inbound techniques as their primary method of marketing.
If that doesn’t show you how revolutionary these tactics are, nothing will!


Modern customers look for value-adding content that is specific to their needs and desires

And that’s exactly what Inbound marketing does.
It markets your brand as an empathic and attentive genius that is only here to serve its customers.


And that not only helps you in gaining more traction but also drastically improves your customer retention

But a results-driving inbound strategy is easier described through words than implemented practically.

But to earn countless inbound leads you will have to:


Acquire and track buying personas that qualify as leads for your business.


Individually track each lead and direct them to the next level in your sales funnel.


Nurture leads through valuable and timely content to MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads)


Tailor content according to specific patterns of interests and preferences of your Target Accounts and Buying Personas.


Score leads according to their probability to convert as SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) and customers.


Get predictive forecasting and track your metrics to improve your subsequent campaigns and manage outcomes.

Your sales team will need an unrealistic bandwidth to do it all manually!


But how about an Inbound Marketing automation platform that could do all that and more in real-time?

Let your team focus on sales while ScaleboX & Hubspot tech automate your inbound workflow


Save time and get full performance

Let us build and manage your multi-channel content and communication funnel, and save tons of your time.


Research better for precise targeting

With AI-powered research tools, you can gain better knowledge about who your buyers are and what are their preferences.


Help your customers to make win-win decisions

Valuable inbound marketing content makes purchasing easier, shows your expertise, and turns customers into loyal fans.


Manage your performance

Automated inbound systems curate accurate forecasting to get desired outcomes from Inbound campaigns.

We also help you with a variety of different out-of-the-box solutions to help your sales scale:


Scalebox Full-Funnel Automation App


Scalebox Conversion Path


Scalebox Sales Execution


Scaling and performance management methodology and strategy


Hubspot CRM, Marketing, Sales & Service Automation Platform


Marketing, Sales & Service managed services with performance production team

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