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Who are we?

Leverage the best B2B Marketing Talent, Technology & Execution. COMBINED.

We are highly professional, tech-savvy service providers with state-of-the-art knowledge to scale your B2B and B2C companies. We study your business, market, and competitors, and then develop strategies and full-funnel automation aligning marketing, sales, and service for your business to accelerate your growth and build your brand power at the speed of your ambitions.

About us
About us

What do we do?

Help your business scale. Simple.

Bigtime Ventures has been the 1st choice of B2B Companies for a decade whether they want to automate their business, launch a new product, expand to a completely different market or generate consistent new leads.

Wanna know what all we offer?

Wanna know what all we offer?


ScaleboX App

The perfect solution to scaling up your B2B business through automated lead generation, content conversion, and sales enablement…


Strategic Solutions

Tailored strategies based on ScaleboX for your B2B business’ new product launch, market expansion, exploring a new market, or…


Hubspot Services

Helping you generate B2B Leads, grow your network, and scale up your sales with Hubspot-managed services so you don’t have to spend time on the technicalities of the platform…


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How are we different?

Tailored and out-of-box solutions for your unique strategic goals

We understand that every company is different, hence, we provide tailored and out-of-box solutions to help you scale your B2B company and achieve the strategic goals of your business. We’re always here to help you grow, provide solutions, strategize with you, and sprinkle the best ways to your already existing strategies and techniques - just the magic your B2B company needs!


We exist to help you grow

Our focus is on helping B2B startups and larger companies grow through a combination of Lead Generation, Marketing Collateral, Nurturing Leads, Sales Enablement, and Driving Conversions.

We deliver Results

Explore how and ScaleboX full-funnel automation helps companies around the globe to scale up sales.


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b2c, b2b, b2b2c, Kitchen Cabinets

ScaleboX Solutions:

Sales Excellence,
ScaleboX App,
Performance Management,
Full-Funnel Automation,
b2b lead generation,
Predictive Forecasting


Founder & CEO


Selling cabinets and kitchens to the end customers takes a lot of operations to work in the sales team to meet the marketing promise and to deliver kitchen in time. We were looking for expertise in sales systematisation to count all sales, marketing, and operations metrics. We were unable to hit revenue targets, optimise production capacity usage for our Chicago-based manufacturing facility and scale business through a dealer network across the United States at the same time without additional resources and competencies.
We had several options but we chose for an effective Inbound and Account-Based Marketing Full-Funnel Automation, and Sales Performance Management to find and engage Buying Personas from potential dealers and agents, sell benefits of partnership and onboard as a reseller/dealer and build dealer orders pipeline. So we have achieved the desired development and Quality Sales pipeline that fits our sales goals and scale our business across the United States. We also got an automated intake form for a precise quote and Sales Pipeline automation combined with design, production and delivery workflow.
All I have to say is that they’re great professionals, truly knowledgeable, and focused on results achievement. They have broad sales, marketing, customer service, and automation competencies that are difficult to find and acquire. We came across to help us set up full HubSpot Enterprise level platform, add ScaleboX technology, performance management methodology and automate processes to make transformation from the AS-IS to TO-BE.
With, we managed to get technology excellence, end-to-end analytics and predictive forecasting, clearing business and norms. Finally, now we are getting to the next step to scale up together.

eu (2) us

b2b, Software, Assets Management

ScaleboX Solutions:

Inbound Marketing,
Conversion Path,
Content Creation,
Full-Funnel Automation,
Predictive Forecasting,
Hubspot Platform,
b2b lead generation


Global Partner
Marketing Manager


Excellent Team - knowledgeable and great to work with.
We have been working with the team for 9 months now and they are building our brand and pipeline in these new Eastern European and Central Asian markets.
It is always not an easy challenge to identify and start communication with all the right decision-makers and influencers scattered across departments and even countries in large organizations, especially when selling complex solutions. provided a full stack of services to build brand awareness and sales pipeline including branding, engaging content creation, inbound and account-based marketing automation, and communication across different channels to hit the targets.
We plan to explore new markets together with team. Believe we match the next-level goals in the next year.

ae eu (2) gb

b2b / b2c, CryptoExchange, EAAS

ScaleboX Solutions:

Launching new products,
Performance Management,
Lead generation,
HUBSPOT Services,
Full-Funnel Automation,
ScaleboX App

emirex-greg mars

Founder & CEO


Our goal is to engage crypto projects and help their owners to raise funds by serious investors providing Initial Exchange Offering, Listing, Community Building, and Marketing Services in EU, MENA, UK, Asia and other regions.
After having an initial discussion, market estimations and ROI with we realised that the most optimum solution to achieve our mission is to go with Inbound and Account-Based Marketing Full-funnel Automation so we can find and engage our Ideal Customers' Profiles or Buying Personas on solution benefits. As a result, we are able to convert them into MQL, then qualify them as SQL, and then open deals for the customer sales team to predict sales and hit the sales targets. 
This approach helps us to build Brand Power (Awareness, Right Perception, and Trust) and a high-quality sales pipeline to hit the sales targets. Hubspot CRM platform combined with ScaleboX App is definitely a perfect technology stack to reach the goals.
Since working with and going fully automated, we are working less, and are able to pay more concentration to our strategic decisions. Their results have proved to go beyond our expectations and together we have reached the initial targets of up to 179%. To sum up, I would just say that these guys are best at what they do and they know what they’re doing.

fr eu (2)

b2c, b2b, SAAS, CeDeFi Crypto Platform

ScaleboX Solutions:

Inbound marketing,
Lead generation,
ScaleboX App,
ScaleboX Conversion Path,
API integration

Milchael Epishkin_VNX

Michael Epishkin,
Chief Sales and
Customer Experience Officer


Our goal was to engage investors to invest in our business and private investors to subscribe to our CeDeFi Investments platform so we can achieve the financial goals
In our initial meeting with, they made target audience analytics and offered to go for Inbound and Account-Based Marketing Full-Funnel Automation based on Hubspot and ScaleboX technology stack to find and engage Buying Personas, sell the benefits of  DeFi Market Investments, and give them a smooth onboarding experience. As a result, we would be able to build a supportive community with a quality sales pipeline that fits our strategic goals, and scale our business across the Europe, MENA, and Asian markets. Besides building automated Conversion Path we had to integrates ScaleboX and Hubspot touch points with our app to have end-to-end analytics and predictive forecasting. We have used ScaleboX app for Community building and Full-Funnel Conversion Path to nurture contacts to Marketing Qualifies Leads, Sales Qualified Leads and Deals across all platforms.
After signing the deal and letting help us in scaling our business and helping us achieve our goals, everything is history. They were able to fulfill their promise in terms of results soon before they promised and we not even for a second have regretted our decision. I’ve told several business owners in my network to get benefit from their expertise and implement their systems and processes to scale their businesses in much less cost and time.

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