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High Market Share Comes With Tremendous Benefits for your b2b Company

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Increased Profitability

But growing a Market share is a #1 challenge


Market share growth is ranked top among marketing challenges faced by b2b businesses.

And hence, even successful business owners fail at acquiring their desired market share, even after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars themselves…

(Godfrey Survey, 2022)

The major challenges b2b business and industrial manufacturers are facing include:

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Increasing your market share means dealing with

  • Lack of resources in sales, marketing, and service to get extensive market coverage
  • Non-existing brand power, awareness, perception, and trust among peers
  • Strong rivals that are already earning high profits
  • Lack of competencies in ABM and Inbound Marketing techniques
  • Low loyalty among dealers, especially those dealing with multiple brands
  • Slow pace and high costs of traditional marketing approaches

A study was carried out on the Profit Impact of Market Strategies with an aim to identify the key factors owing to an increase in Return Of Investment for businesses.

The results showed 37 facets that play a pivotal role out of which, market share came out as the most important profitability influence.


What if we can make the job easier for you?

Our expert team & full-funnel automation will help you acquire market share and dominate the market easily…


Innovative martech

We can help you grow your brand power and sales through high-impact automated Inbound and Account-Based Marketing techniques to increase outreach speed and sales performance x3-7 times.


Research your customers

We can help you carry out thorough research about your target audience so you can tailor your marketing strategies accurately relying on the precise targeting and genuine customers' needs and wants.


Increase your marketing and sales performance

Contact up to 1000 decision-makers a day and look into the future with predictive analytics to see what is likely to happen to make data-driven decisions and get the best possible scenario.


Build brand loyalty and community

We can help you garner fruitful relationships with customers through frequent positive follow-ups. And build a community around your brand to start word of mouth

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Scalebox Full-Funnel Automation App


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Hubspot CRM, Marketing, Sales & Service Automation Platform


Marketing, Sales & Service managed services with performance production team

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