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Launching a new product is like swimming unchartered waters

More than 30,000 new products are introduced to the market every year and up to 95% of them fail (Schneider Associates)

Business owners tend to spend months over months planning and developing a new product but the process and results can be a hectic & failed launch!

The reason? – lack of marketing, field experience, and sales execution

Going into the market with a new product means:


Building the perceived product value and Brand Power from the ground up


Testing hundreds of products hypotheses to find the right fit in the field


Researching and targeting Buying Personas to build an Ideal Customer Profile


Start educating these Buying Personas about your new product


Converting the thousands of Buying Personas into sales leads


Nurturing leads to convert them into deals, prove a concept and scale

And all of these make product launching a pain



Testing multiple hypotheses to find the right values and promises that resonate with the target audience takes time



Playing with different market approaches to find product-market fit takes an enormous investment



Finding, engaging, and nurturing the right people from the right companies means your sales team would need to spend 100s of hours

Hence, most companies give up and their products fail...

However, success often comes when you are ready to give up… 🚀

What if there’s a way around these predicaments and barriers?

There is…


Now, launching your new products with ScaleboXTM is a breeze


Save money on testing

Field test your product / market fit without spending loads of money


Speed up your launch

Let ScaleboX Engine save 5X of your launch planning time and execution


Get accurate results

Let ScaleboX do the research to find your buying personas and build an ideal customer profile


Curb your expenses

Do the entire team’s job at a cost of 1-2 yearly sales rep salary, ONLY


Test multiple hypothesis

Check and test multiple hypotheses simultaneously to choose the best one that helps you scale


Launch customer development campaigns

Launch effective and engaging customer development campaigns at a fraction of the cost

ScaleboX service plan helps with bringing the first customer to successfully closing a deal through


It took only 4 weeks to start getting first leads and deals for our new SAAS product 🙌🏻


Marketing wrapping

Boost your product’s perceived value for any number of segments and personas


Customer research and engagement

Automatically find and engage your target audience in 1:1 community building


High monthly reach

Reach 1000+ customer profiles daily


Lead-to-deal conversion KPI

Have an overview of your sales team's performance by seeing the percentage of leads turning into clients


Real-time predictive analytics

Accurately monitor and improve your product sales performance, look into the future and make data-driven decisions

Get our out-of-the-box solutions with ScaleboX’s package: performance management methodology and scaling strategy

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