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For many businesses, entering a new market is the only way to grow.

But exploring and penetrating new marketing grounds is not as easy as it sounds.

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Out of 100 American businesses operating abroad, less than 25 are successful.

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Adapting different cultural norms and marketing strategies is not a piece of cake for everyone.

You do not have any level of brand power in the new market and the trust level is zero which makes it difficult to find the right people.

New language, different culture, and distinct demographics

The result: high probability of failure in new markets and impossibility of re-entry.


Exploring new markets means dealing with:

  • Different communication channels
  • Cross-cultural differences
  • Zero brand power, awareness, and recognition.
  • Language barriers
  • Differences in marketing trends
  • High risk of failure

The core values that made sense for your prior market, now don’t align with the expectations of another.

But, how about a business that holds your hand the entire time you explore, navigate, and finally penetrate a new market?

Conquer the unknown with the ScaleboX tech by

Conquer the unknown with the ScaleboX tech by


Understand the market dynamics

We can do the Target Accounts and Buying Personas research and provide accurate results for any market or demographics to estimate ROI and other outcomes


Overcome the language barrier

We can curate content for inbound and ABM leads in a language that suits your target audience to increase conversions for 60% (Hubspot, 2021)


Localise the sales process

We can identify decision-makers, budget allocation, payment methods, awareness levels, and other key influences in a sales cycle

Eliminate risks

We can deploy our tools and systems to carefully analyze, research, test, and monitor your product’s performance in every market you enter to give you the best insights and build an ROI-based scaling model.

Here are just a few ways we can help you enter a new market and scale: 


Scalebox Full-Funnel Automation App


Scalebox Conversion Path


Scalebox Sales Execution


Performance management and scaling methodology and strategy


Hubspot CRM, Marketing, Sales & Service Automation Platform


Marketing, Sales & Service managed services with performance production team

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